Stream Video, Music and Photos from Samsung Galaxy S3 to Your Computer

Yes, you read that right. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone just got smarter with the help of a free app called AirDroid. You can now very easily download large number of high resolution images stored on the phone, stream MP3 and HD videos to your Windows PC browser. I’ll spare you the introduction to the App itself and jump right into the app’s screenshots — nothing more convincing than a visual tease.

“The AirDroid Android app should be compatible with most Android devices running Android 2.1 or later. The Web Desktop should be compatible with most modern web browsers, including IE 8 or later, Chrome 12 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later, Safari 5.0 or later. Support for mobile browsers, like Safari on iPad, is experimental.” — AirDroid

Along with some nice configurable settings, I particularly like how you can predefine a password instead of having to enter a randomly generated especially if you’re going to use this app several times a day.
You can use AirDroid to send/receive SMS (text messages, if supported by the device), install/uninstall apps, transfer files between Android device and computer/tablet, and manage contacts, photos, music, videos, and ringtones, etc., all in a web browser.
Here’s a actual screenshot of my desktop with user friendly interface to manage my phone’s picture Gallery – choose a single image or batch download many (multiple images are automatically zipped)
Just for kicks, I streamed a HD Gangnam Style Live Concert video from the phone to my Dell 27-inch LCD and the QuickTime playback was buttery smooth. While the video was playing I attempted to multi-task by playing an MP3 track and viewing the photo gallery simultaneously – all possible.


Last month, following my epic discovery of Splashtop Inc‘s incredible iPad App called Splashtop Remote I couldn’t help but feel obliged to post a review to highlight the App’s ease of use on the iPad. Since then, I’ve been showing it off to friends just how easy it is to access files on the desktop PC remotely and reliable the technology is today even when accessing my home network via 3G wireless network.

Positively inspired with Splashtop Remote‘s simplicity I had an epiphany when thinking of possible uses of this implementation. Looking around the studio, I found a retired 2MP Autofocus Logitech webcam with Carl Zeiss optics that had been gathering dust for a few years. Instinct said this would work and it would be just a matter of whether the video streams would be acceptable for real-world use. I’m happy to announce that it works just fine!


A 2MP Autofocus Logitech webcam with high definition Carl Zeiss optics with a new leash on life thanks to the iPad and Splashtop Remote App.

Before you can access your Windows PC, you need to install the Splashtop Streamer client available for Windows and Mac.


On a side note, Logitech recently announced a new security app designed to allow iPad users to monitor activities around their home or office. The app, named Logitech Alerts (launches iTunes App Store) “will allow users to keep an eye on things in 720p high definition video, when paired with one of the “Logitech Alert” security cameras sold by Logitech.”  Goes without saying that if you have the financial means and a need to simultaneously monitor more than one location, this is the cool solution for you.

Clicking on Quick Capture activates the Logitech webcam and streams feeds from home to the iPad.

I have just a single point of interest to monitor — the heartbeat of Shimworld. I downloaded the latest Logitech software and made sure it supported the Carl Zeiss webcam locally. As long you have an existing working webcam, Splashtop Remote simply opens the door on your iPad to remotely access the application that turns on the camera.

From the corner of the studio, the vantage point lets me monitor the room including times when Jamie and Jewel are at the computer presumably after they've finished their home work!