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MENTION Seria town and the first thing that springs to mind is probably oil. The oil town is many things to many people who live and work here. Go beyond the obvious and explore deeper, you’ll find another name that’s just as common as it’s used and associated with Seria-hornbill. We have Hornbill School, Hornbill Apartments, Hornbill drink that’s served in Panaga Club and of course, the beautiful and graceful Oriental Pied hornbill birds that are a daily feature of our skies from dawn to dusk. Perhaps it is these iconic birds that these establishments and drink have been named after but whatever the real reason behind them, I’m delighted to see them each and every time they fly by. So much so that my daughter has developed hornbill spotting habits every time we’re in the car.

As with most mornings, the piercing cries of the hornbills penetrate the house as they go about their usual business, going from tree to tree, hopping from branch to branch and transiting on TV antenna. These pair were spotted right at the power station right across from Shell refinery. It’s amusing to see one pecking the spot light as it sees a mirror-reflection of itself thinking there’s another one of its kind. read more

Pictures published in the BT column was taken from Hornbills in Flight 2.