Unusual Clouds Formation Seen Over Seria

Unusual cloud formation seen above Seria town this morning (7.02AM according to image EXIF) as my wife and I started to leave the tamu (open market) to get breakfast. Shortly after getting a parking space at Metro, drizzles began to dot the windscreen. It didn’t take long before flash storm started pouring down hard on Seria town.

“A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal, wedge-shaped arcus cloud. A shelf cloud is attached to the base of the parent cloud, which is usually a thunderstorm, but could form on any type of convective clouds. Rising cloud motion often can be seen in the leading (outer) part of the shelf cloud, while the underside often appears turbulent and wind-torn. Cool, sinking air from a storm cloud’s downdraft spreads out across the land surface, with the leading edge called a gust front. This outflow cuts under warm air being drawn into the storm’s updraft. As the lower cooler air lifts the warm moist air, its water condenses, creating a cloud which often rolls with the different winds above and below (wind shear).”

Industrial Photography: Nodding Donkey Ad Campaign

A couple of months ago, a client came across my nodding donkey picture and asked me for ideas to present the image on a 2m x 1.8m billboard for their corporate ad campaign. Cropping a vertical image to fit a horizontal aspect ratio template wouldn’t produce a convincing and dramatic corporate branding — client is in the business of maintaining these nodding donkeys (also called beam pumps) among other products and services in their oil and gas portfolio. So I took the image and mirrored it back to back, tweaked the colours to give it a dramatic flair to get this composite piece.

The big print is mounted, framed and I’m told makes its appearance at a location where it gets a lot of inbound/outbound traffic. It helps that I have a computer capable of rendering such large files — the final image size was 24,000 x 21,662 pixels at 300 DPI — without much effort.


Brunei Darussalam National Day Run 2013

Some years back my daughter Jewel ran her first long distance event — a 6 km run starting from and finishing at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in the Brunei capital, an event she was neither trained nor had much preparation for other than the occasional school practice. Back then I wasn’t very much involved with her running as I am today in her athletic training and competition. Cut a long story short, she completed the event and was among the top 30-something students out of what appeared to be a large number of participants from all schools in the country.

Last Sunday, Jewel participated in her second run this time a kilometer shorter which was held right in our home town, Seria. The difference this time she has had eleven months of athletic coaching, having earned several medals in 400m, 200m and 4x100m events, she’s in way better shape than she ever was. The transformation from the weak, migraine-prone asthmatic little girl to the determined athlete she is today, is nothing short of amazing. She is 13, and finished 5th in the Under 17 category.

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Jewel stretching before her 5 km run.

All images: Canon PowerShot G11