Postcard From Mount Kinabalu

Sometime in May 2016 John Huong had just descended from having successfully reached Low’s Peak and was resting at Laban Rata before continuing on his descend down to Timpohon Gate. I can’t remember if I saw his status on Facebook or Instagram but I was quick to ask for a favour while it was still convenient and that was to mail me a postcard from the highest post office in Malaysia — located right next to Mountain TORQ’s Pendant Hut at 3,289m above sea level.

I walked past this very post box during my climb a month earlier and it didn’t hit me at the time that it might have been a functioning one until I chanced upon a web page that said it’s “certified the highest post box by Malaysia Book of Records.”  John picked the postcard of St John’s Peak and gave me an exciting addition to my growing collection of postcards from around the world.

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Google 'shimworld postcards' and you'll see a couple of blog posts of my postcard collection from senders around the world including Bruneian friends who took precious time out of their holiday to send me one sometimes two. Thank you very much! Here's a unique one of them all — mailed in by trail runner friend @laribananaz after he successfully completed his Mount Kinabalu climb in May 2016. Location: Next to Mountain TORQ’s Pendant Hut Elevation: 3,289 metres above sea level Date of installation: 14th February, 2015 Certified highest post box by the Malaysia Book of Records All outgoing mail receive the Mount Kinabalu post office ink stamp. John, I have finally visited Kuching 😎 #sabah #malaysia #kotakinabalu #postcard #postoffice #shimworld #mountain #MountKinabalu #trailrunning #gunungkinabalu #mountaintorq

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Postagram Turns Instagram Photos into Real Postcards

A reader in Canada who stumbled upon my blog post a couple of years back responded with a postcard photo of Canada’s deadliest rockslide — Frank Slide. Of all the senders who have taken the trouble to mail me a postcard, some a series, this sender is the only one who said she would like one from Brunei too. After looking around for a nice postcard and failing to find one I really like, I decided to create one online via Postagram service. Excited at creating my first digital postcard, I overlooked a typo prinstine when it should be pristine (to mean ‘in its original state’).


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