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Once again, I’m fashionably late in posting pictures from one of the highly anticipated events in the Seria calendar—the Panaga Highland Games—but with good reasons. I’ve been swamped with work assignments and on top of that juggled family commitments. I’ve got more work lined up till end of this month (and sporadically throughout the year) including my first Malaysia Tourism Mega Fam Trip from July 21–28 to KL and Pulau Langkawi. It goes without saying that however slow I may be with my updates, work just means you can be certain I have a continually supply of stories and pictures to share. Here’s a moment from the 2010 Panaga Highland Games (photos pending) that inspired the title. Arguably, it’s the best I’ve seen of SEHAT water for a very long time and quite possibly also clouded my judgment and common sense into thinking it’s also sexier than the limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier glass!

On an extremely hot afternoon, water is essential to cool things down! Somebody call 9-1-1 ...