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desmonchin-thanks.jpgDesmond Chin © Jan Shim Photography

In my recent trip to Singapore, one of a number of highly anticipated to-do items was to visit Desmond Chin. In the months leading up to his treatment abroad, we’ve been communicating on and off via text messaging but over time comms cost add up and take a toll of its long term viability.

On the eve of my trip, Desmond called to tell me he would not be able to meet due to a large-dose chemotherapy treatment. I have not received any updates from him since October 27th. His fight to overcome leukaemia is not over but compared to just a few months prior, he’s in a much better position now.

He deeply appreciates all the well-wishes and financial contribution. Your kindness and generousity have made a difference to giving him hope and a life to look forward to although the road to recovery may still be a long a winding one.

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A moment with Desmond Chin at my studio. A moment too short!

On April 15 2007, I published an article to help raise awareness and funds for Children with Leukaemia through the Flora London Marathon. I have not had a chance to find out first hand from Matthew Martin what he thought of the event and the hurdles (physical and mental challenges) he must have had to overcome when the going got tough. (care to tell us more, Matthew? Some of us could do with a jolt of inspiration.)

A little over five years ago, I lost my brother to a crippling disease called Cerebral Palsy. An article in the May 2007 Readers Digest inspired this SHIMworld article in memory of my late brother and sharing this “new hope” with anyone looking for one. When I was contacted about Desmond Chin, the name did not ring a bell even though he’s supposedly from the same kampong as I am. The world has a strange way of uniting strangers and in many ways I’ve grown up to realize the opportunity to help someone is also an opporunity to help yourself discover the meaning of life.

When I finally met Desmond in person, it did not take long for me to realise that despite his condition, he appears a confident and high spirited individual. I made a pledge to help Desmond in anyway I can and through this blogging medium, I am able to  raise further awareness of his plight and appeal to an international audience. No twenty year old should be denied a chance of a normal life and I am confident that the close knit and caring community of Brunei keeps Desmond in high spirits—You hang in there, Desmond!

Here’s your chance to share your story, your thoughts or comments you may have with Desmond. Thank you. SW.!/janshim/status/52255775971737600