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As I enter my 6th year in professional photography, I found myself gasping for inspiration having hit the shutter button several hundred thousand times. over the years. As an accomplished artist, the thing that really hurts the most isn’t the physical pain that comes with the work but the times I’ve found myself occasionally chugging along on an empty tank on the brink of engine failure. So when I was in Singapore last December for the Singapore Tourism Board invitation, I went shopping for inspiration and picked up a copy of one of Joe McNally’s The Moment It Clicks. Little did I know then that I was going to meet the legendary magazine photographer in Kuala Lumpur two months later.

Quoting my Facebook post right after the Kuala Lumpur event on Feb 6 2010:

The Joe McNally Let There Be Light Seminar in Kuala Lumpur organised by WedShooter.TV was an intoxicating mix of Inspiration and Humour. The Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop gave me an opportunity to discover the precious and privileged insight into Joe’s personal and professional journey. Thank you Louis Pang.

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See Joe McNally in action at the Hot Shoe Diaries workshop and Let There Be Light Seminar
End of Hot Shoe Diaries Workshop group photo with Joe McNally on Feb 5 2010

Inspiration is what motivates us and keeps us pressing toward a goal. The Moment It Clicks does that for me and I highly recommend this to any photographer looking for a boost (caffeine optional). Inclusion of the red mouse is by no means a pun, intentional or otherwise.
It’s an honour to have Joe autograph not one but both his books including The Hot Shoe Diaries.
Joe brought in limited copies of his other book from the States, The Hot Shoe Diaries. I bought a copy to go with The Moment It Clicks and am delighted to have it autographed too.

Photographing people doing their thing and everything in between is what I do. It’s all about capturing the right moment—the moment it clicks! If you’re looking for book recommendation you cannot go wrong with The Moment It Clicks. In the book’s foreword by Scott Kelby, “Joe is one of the most captivating public speakers you’ll ever meet, and the whole class is ooohing and ahhhing each time a new image comes up.”  The book, if that’s your thing, is just as captivating in my honest opinion, coming from someone who has read both books and moved so much at his workshop and seminar.

See Joe McNally in action at the Hot Shoe Diaries workshop and Let There Be Light Seminar

Expressions of Joe during the Hot Shoe Diaries workshop introduction.




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