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5th Anniversary Limited Edition Eneloop Batteries

Eneloop batteries have a low self-discharge rate and they are pre-charged and usable immediately after purchase like dry cell batteries. The new eneloop battery continues this tradition by using SANYO’s original “super-lattice alloy” for negative electrode material and improvement of materials and structure, a fully-charged “new eneloop” battery can maintain approximately 75% of charged power even after 3 years, ensuring that power is available when needed. The new eneloop batteries are pre-charged in Japan by “green power” from photovoltaic generation. This means that a part of the electric power used for manufacturing (the amount equivalent used for factory pre-charging) is generated using clean, renewable solar energy.

The new eneloop batteries are pre-charged in Japan by “green power” from photovoltaic generation.

Having invested and used reputable Powerex 2700mAh batteries for a couple of years, I’ve found their high self discharge rates to be high maintenance. For this reason, I switched to Eneloop and have found their low self discharge to not just save time but these go much further between charges thereby reducing the frequent recharging required.

I have two Canon CP-E3/E4 battery packs both powered by Sanyo Eneloop batteries. They just last so much longer in between charges. Their low discharge rate makes this possible.
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At least for me anyway. I don’t know if you would consider Walkie Talkies low or high drain devices but the pair of UNIDEN radios I have,would knock out a set of freshly charged GP 1,000 mAh in no time. Fearing that it may be due to poorer quality of the GP cells, I tried Sony 1,000 mAh ones too and they too didn’t last. It gets expensive very quickly when you buy not 4 but 8 pieces with each wrong decision made. I use the radios with my associate at shoots where the venue is considerably large and where I think things would get hairy without the ability to cross-communicate effectively. I had used them at  the A100 Leadership Forum in Hanoi where communication with my associate  was critical to our coordination and the reliability issues I had with the GP and Sony batteries were a constant worry—my associate covered the arrival of the Prime Minister while I waited in the VIP holding room. I switched to Eneloops last year but only at the recent NBT Toyota Dinner & Dance shoot was I able to adequately test them. After 5 hours of on and off use, I’m happy to report that the battery level indicator showed full instead of low. You can imagine how happy I was to have finally found a solution. (this post was inspired by Energy Day 2010).

Uniden Walkie Talkie powered by 4 x AAA Eneloops
Canon CP-E3 Battery Pack with 8 AA Eneloop rechargeables