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On the day I met with the team from Singapore Tourism Board at the Radisson Hotel was also the day I took on a last minute assignment for a biG magazine Mocktail Mania feature in their April—June 2011 edition. Four hydrating choices at three outlets from Grazie Mauri to Vintage Rose and back to Radisson Hotel. It may be of some interest to note that I had shot these without my usual entourage of lighting equipment that usually follows me in commercial assignments so I had to make full use of whatever light was available to me at the time including an improvised sheet of white manila cardboard we picked up from a stationery shop next door to Grazie (thank you Stella).

Of the four drinks, I find Grazie’s Healthy Mocktail photographically most interesting and think you’ll agree too. The texture just arouses curiousity if not an enticement to try it out yourself!

Healthy Mocktails at Grazie Mauri consist of lime quarters, cucumber quarters, soda water and mint leaves