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AirAsia needs no introduction and neither does the name Tony Fernandes as both have become a household name. He’s is idolised by many (I know this first hand) for his outstanding achievements and a list of accolades have made him a beaming example every entrepreneur aspires to be.

I first met Tony last year in Brunei at the Asia Inc Forum 2006 Business Roundtable. Being the official photographer at the time meant I got to meet him before most people inside the holding room. Our path crossed again later at the ASEAN 100 Forum in Hanoi, I met Tony again and discovered that other than being personable and approachable, he’s also a man who kept his promise—that he would send me an AirAsia cap (I wanted the one he had on). So, when I received an email from Tony’s office that the cap had been signed and was on its way to me, I was ecstatic. There’s this warm and fuzzy feeling you have inside when someone delivers on their promise and clearly indicative of his promise and commitment to his stakeholders! On the cap is an inspiring note Dare to Dream! Thank you, Tony.

How Different Will Your Future Be? See Tony Fernandes @ the ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum in Hanoi. I also met foodie personality Bobby Chinn at the event and also in his restaurant in Hanoi.