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This is the real deal—the bakery located in 1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square, Coloane Island in Macau is home to the world’s tastiest egg tarts. So they say. On the eve of my trip to Macau, I was reminded by BiG magazine Editor that the Portuguese egg tarts are simply the tastiest. I didn’t give this much thought until we flagged a cab to check out the island’s night scenes were we reminded by the driver about Lord Stow’s Bakery.

This is a man who, according to his sister Eileen, always managed to bring his dreams to life. She vividly recalls standing in London’s Oxford Street in May in 1989, “Our noses were pressed against a cake shop window. Amongst all the fancy cakes were some shriveled, little yellow and brown tarts. ‘That’s what I want to make in my bakery,’ he told me. ‘Ugh!’ I said, ‘Are you mad?’ ‘No – mine will be much better than that,’ he said. He was so right.” And so, in 1989, his subtly sweet, meltingly tender concoction with a bruléed top and a flaky crust that’s part English custard, part Chinese egg tart and part Portuguese Pastel de Nata, was born. —
This tiny Macau bakery churns out some of the tastiest versions of egg tarts in the world.

The man behind Lord Stow’s is not Portuguese, not even Macanese, he is in fact English. Andrew Stow opened his famous bakery way back in 1989, with locals attracted to his selection of fresh western bread. Stow’s egg tarts mix the best of the original Portuguese Pasteis de Nata with some classic English touches. I took these pictures with kind permission from the shopkeepers and we bought just enough (a box which comfortably holds 6 pics) to savour them while they’re freshly baked. Note: if you’re visiting Macau for the first time I’m pretty sure you’ll catch a cab to get there. Negotiate with the driver to wait for you if the queue isn’t overwhelmingly long as the bakery is located out of town.

Stow’s egg tarts mix the best of the original Portuguese Pasteis de Nata with some classic English touches.
Unlike the typical egg tarts found in Chinese Dim Sum houses, this signature Macau version is a more decadent, with a buttery flaky pastry shell and rich custard filling.
Lord Stow’s Bakery promises “individual works of art in every box” in every box. They ain’t kidding!
It’s recommend to eat steaming hot egg tarts straight from the ovens of Lord Stow’s Bakery, because they “taste twice as nice when piping hot.”
The top of the egg tart is slightly charred to give it a crisp bite and a sprinkling of cinnamon on top and contains no preservatives or additives. This crisp texture, combined with the creamy filling and buttery pastry is love at first bite.
Individual works of art in every box. Today, there are Lord Stow’s franchises spanning Japan, China, South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand.

Travel Tip:
As the bakery is located out of town it’s best and flagging one late evening may be difficult, it’s best to get the cabbie to wait up. Let the meter run a bit it’s not a though you’re going to hang out (it’s a bakery not a cafe). When we got there around 8pm there was a crowd outside the bakery flagging for cabs so we pretty much had the place to ourself which explains the photo opportunity.