Brunei Darussalam


Coffee Bean cardboard cup holder © Jan Shim Photography

I start my day with a hot cup of Nescafe Gold before the day’s event gets a chance to wake me up. In a typical work day, the days starts with a 1 hour 15 mins commute from where I live to my client’s location in the Brunei capital. If caffeine doesn’t perk me up this early, adrenalin from the morning rush sure does—each time and every time! However, at the end of a long day, dehydration and the hours take a toll before the body aches kick in. To help fight imminent fatigue from the commute home, I would stop by Coffee Bean for a (double) shot of Cappuccino and occasionally a bite in the form of Smoked Salmon w/ Panini Bread for B$12.20—the cappuccino is B$4.70, small price to pay for a safer commute!