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Silicon Power | Keep the Cheerful Moment Forever Photo Competition
Following the results from the Keep the Cheerful Moment Forever photo competition on Facebook, I received a parcel from Silicon Power in Taiwan slightly over a week before Chinese New Year. Inside were three items: a set of postcards of the winning entries, a 2011 calendar and Silicon Power 16GB SDHC flash card. Adhering to the theme, I picked one of the Cherry Blossoms photos I shot in Taiwan in 2010. More Cherry Blossom photos from Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Taichung, Taiwan.

“Celebrating first day of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, 2010 at the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village in Taichung, Taiwan. An air of romance and cheers from the poetic beauty of the cherry blossoms made the celebration unique and unforgettable.” — Jan Shim

Great gifts from Silicon Power including a 16GB SDHC format flash card that will go into my Canon Powershot G11. Now the G11 has the same memory capacity as both my EOS 5D Mark II bodies each running Sandisk Extreme 16GB. 16GB would be perfect for the Powershot G12 that supports HD video!

Brunei Cement | Corporate stock photography & 2011 desktop calendar
My 2010 calendar of commercial industry photography finished with the Butra HeidelbergCement plant assignment in Serasa. The assignment was two fold: to produce new creative and interesting stock photographs for corporate use as well as specific images for their 2011 Process of Brunei Cement Production calendar.

The 2011 Brunei Cement desktop calendar with adjoining page showing the plant’s 50kg recyclable bags.

Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine | Jan–Mar 2011 Edition
This season, ‘biG gets in the spirit of the Lunar New Year and meets with four charming personalities who share their fond memories and favourite traditional dishes.’ It wasn’t that long ago when we celebrated school end of term break, Christmas and ushered in the new year and it won’t be long before we brace ourselves for Chinese New Year festivity. So I managed to obtain a copy of the 2011 Jan–Mar edition from the magazine’s associate editor before it hit the shelves

“The exclave of Temburong, home to most of Brunei’s virgin rainforest, could very well be Brunei’s answer to the outback. Chris Cummins takes us on a candid journey deep into the jungle revealing the quirks of this eco-treasure trove.” Grab your copy of Jan–Feb 2011 biG magazine and read Chris insight of the Temburong rainforest that was featured in Singapore Airlines SilverKris magazine: Brunei 5 Must Dos.

Brunei LNG Quarter 3 2010 Newsletter | Brunei LNG Is Top Performer for the 4th Year
It is every photographer’s dream to have his/her work published commercially. I’ve had a large selection of my images appear on various magazine covers including feature articles in international publications such as Singapore Airlines SilverKris, Asian Geographic, Canada Post and so forth. A six-month stint as columnist with The Brunei Times also gave me a platform to showcase my writing and photography skills to a wider audience. This page is an archive of my published works to-date.

Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine | Jul–Sep 2010 Edition
Looking back, the month of May was packed with shoots and media events and any mention of  Hari Raya Aidilfitri at the time may seem ridiculously early. Not so for the team at BiG Magazine when you consider the difficulty in gathering everyone involved in the shoot from the personalities, make-up artist, photographers, art directors, florist and so forth in the same room even if it’s just for an afternoon. Such a delight to work with the personalities and BiG Magazine team members  for this shoot at the Ambassador Suite of Empire Hotel and Country Club. Thank you Wan Zainal, Pauline Chan, Cheryl Tan of BiG Magazine

Two of five Bruneian personalities in July–Sept 2010 Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine ‘Reflections of Aidilfitri’ editorial shoot (click on image to view published & behind-the-scenes pictures)

Bronswerk Heat Transfer BV in the Netherlands contacted me about an image they’re interested to buy. They are a dynamic heat exchange solutions company with clients in very diverse markets such as power, oil & gas, chemicals and so forth. She explains that their present website looks outdated, too technical and above all lacks appeal.

Your picture and the way the light and shadow play with the sky and the water,
make the nodding donkeys sexy and mysterious! And that is why I want to use it.


Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Magazine
Continuing from Splashes on the Brunei River here are the images from my latest set as published in Sept 2009 edition of Singapore Airlines in-flight SilverKris magazine—two images: Tarindak d’Seni (left) and the Ulu Temburong National Park suspension bridge. Pictures and article on page 80 of magazine.Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Magazine | September 2009 Edition

Canada Post 2009 Magazine
Sometimes it’s hard to find words to completely describe certain accomplishments. One such recent accomplishment is the publication of my OGDC basketball game photo in the Canada Post magazine: COLLECTION CANADA 2009. The press run for this bilingual edition (English and French) is 30,000 and distributed only via the Canada Post online store (October 2009).

Evening basketball game at the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre in Seria published by CANADA POST

Borneo Insider’s Guide Cover | July–Sept 2009 Edition
I am honoured to have one of my images from His Majesty’s 61st Birthday Celebration featured on the 2009 July—September cover and another picture of His Majesty during the “Bersama Rakyat” session in my birth town of Kuala Belait.

Borneo Insider’s Guide July – Sept 2009 Cover Photo

Microsoft Brunei | 2008 Hari Raya Greeting Card

Silhouette of Masjid Kampong Pandan, Kuala Belait | Microsoft 2008 Hari Raya Greeting Card

ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC | 2008 Asia Without Borders Photo Competition Honourable Mention
This morning after returning home from my usual Saturday morning routine, I randomly picked up a copy of magazine from my stash of Asian Geographic magazine collection only to discover that I had received an Honourable Mention from the 2008 ASIA WITHOUT BORDERS Photo Competition. Casually flipping the complimentary copy of PHOTO ANNUAL 2008 that came bundled with PHOTO ANNUAL 2009 No. 69 Issue 8/2009 I was going down the list of winners in the Honourable Mentions | Wild Places on page 120 and noticed my full name in print—suddenly this Saturday isn’t so usual any more!

Honourable Mention 2008 Asia Without Borders Photo Competition | Asian Geographic Magazine

ASIA Inc Magazine | July—August 2008 BRUNEI Growing SMEs

Ainadin Cader of Aureous BICB Advisers | Brunei Darussalam

NewForests Group | Malua Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank
The hornbills (featured here the Oriental Pied variety) are indeed one of such charismatic animals that grace our skies and residents of the Belait District in Brunei Darussalam notably in Panaga and Seria area. I began taking an interest in them back in March 2008 when they became a regular feature in my neighbourhood and since then I’ve been fascinated by their movements and habitats.

Malua Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank


ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC Magazine | October 2008 Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Publication in Japanese magazines: Diamond Weekly & Asia Market Review

Diamond Weekly Magazine


ASIA INC Magazine Jan/Feb 2008

█ April 22, 2007 | NBT Toyota Avanza Grand Draw 2007.

© MediaPro Publications. BUYER’S GUIDE MAY/JUNE 2007
BUYER’S GUIDE Magazine Jul/Aug 2006

5 thoughts on “Published

  1. Hi,

    I was just browsing images of nodding donkeys in Google and cam across yours – tagged Panaga.

    Having lived in Brunei as a child for four years I found the photos hugely evocative.

    Thanks – great work.



    1. Thanks Richard! I’m just glad I was able to meet my client’s criteria. Life is just full of nice surprises when you least expect it. I wonder if Hornbills made regular appearances in the Panaga skyline at the time?

      Your picture and the way the light and shadow play with the sky and the water, make the nodding donkeys sexy and mysterious! And that is why I want to use it.


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