UPDATE: June 2014

This page features two types of food pictures: casual ones captured with the pocket Powershot G11 and commercial ones captured with not one but two EOS 5D Mark II and full blown light setup. If you cannot tell one from the other it’s because I put in considerable amount of effort in my work to make sure both are seamlessly integrated into this food photography portfolio.

A tribute to all chefs with whom I’ve the pleasure of working with.

This lemon juice droplet shot set a new record for the number of droplets captured during an actual photo shoot at Excapade Sushi – the record now stands at 4. This image was first revealed on Instagram some months back and I’ve decided it’s time I shared it here. See reactions on Facebook and Instagram
Japanese + Italian fusion at Pastamania Brunei: Teriyaki Chicken Pasta. See reactions on Instagram.

With great food comes great beverage — coffee.
Zest Cafe at The Empire Hotel and Country Club | The Perfect Cup of Gourmet Coffee at Home

Delicious Chicken Pot Pie at Prive Cafe, Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore
My favourite Nam Wah’s Fried Kway Teow with Beef and the right amount of sauce.
Tiramisu Cake, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, VivoCity, Singapore

A Singapore Tourism Board FAM trip feature: “MOD SIN” CUISINE AT WILD ROCKET SINGAPORE

Strawberry and Raspberry Custard Tartlet, Cedele Bakery Cafe @VivoCity
Sliced open chilled strawberry raspberry tartlet revealing the yummy custard filling.
Empire Hotel & Country Club’s awesomely delicious Chocolate Chip Raisin cookies. Many thanks, Hafiza!
TV Celebrity and celebrated Foodie Bobby Chinn with whom I had the pleasure to meet in Hanoi in 2007 and a delight to be reacquainted when his gastronomical journey brought him to Brunei Darussalam in 2009!


Editor of Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine, Wan Zainal Abidin, squeezes a lime to add flavour to his order of Mee Soto, a popular local favourite.

Source: Asian Fusion AIKO Sushi

Source: Delicacy On A Stick

It’s as though the Chef read my mind, set the skewer ablaze for this photo op. Ok, I lied. He noticed I had a long white lens and I kinda nudged him to put on a show for me!

Other Commercial Food photography
Excapade SushiVintage Rose CafeSolitude CafeKura Japanese Cuisine

Food photographs published in The Brunei Times

bruneitimes_coffeebeanbsp_09042009↑ click on image to enlarge
Full story Make Mine a Double Shot

BT_RMSDINER_THUMBClick on thumb to view full image (~1 Mb)
↑ Read this story on BT Online

Chef Domenico enchants the senses↑ click on image to enlarge
Full story Make Mine a Double Shot

bt-fratini-fathersday-diningout↑ Read this story on BT Online

↑ click on image to enlarge
Full story Italian Cuisine in Seria

13 thoughts on “Food

  1. Oh wow….we’ve got the same interest. I call it FTP, Food, Travel and Photography 🙂
    Anyway, looking at those pictures makes my mouth watering! Keep it up…while i wait patiently for my Ko-Loo Mee.


  2. Lovely shots Jan, im just guessing, out of temptation the photos of those foods is a reminder of how delicious they were. you truly have self control , if those were my pics, there would by lil or nothing at all to show.


    1. Thank you. My favourite lens for food photography is the EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro. I started with the non Image Stabilized version and eventually switched to the 100mm f/2.8 Hybrid IS because I hand-hold a lot where it’s useful to have IS. Believe it or not, many of the food pictures you see here were photographed using the PowerShot G11.


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