Photo by David Cheok

Two professional photographers taking impromptu time-out to get connected with nature in one of our many backyards in Brunei that earned us the tourism tagline “Green Heart of Borneo”. This is a photograph of me captured by wedding photojournalist David Cheok on film with a Contax G2 RangeFinder with a 28mm Carl Zeiss on Fuji Superia 100 Film. The effects of this photograph is achieved by stacking 3 filters (circular polarizer-81A-UV) that explains the vignetting.

I published this photo because this is my first film photo since I cannot remember when, and the one that actually inspired the blog title is this one, “caught” as I was getting ready to photograph a red dragonfly resting on a collapsed branch. The location was Benutan Dam in the Tutong District.



Remember the days when you got your first job and one of the first of a long list of priorities was looking sharp for work? We went shopping. Remember the euphoric moment when you’re handed your first pay check and what did right after that? We went shopping. We’re a predictable bunch when it comes to newfound wealth and I was certainly no exception. As a marketing student, I had learnt about conspicuous consumption and it became an economic force that’s difficult to put a lid on when you are a demographic in this rat race!

In the 13 years of corporate IT, I accumulated a wardrobe of names such as Armani, Lanvin, Ralph Lauren, Zegna and adding to them came Marks & Spencer work clothes that were a better fit for my physique and wallet. Then there were after-hours clothing by Guess, Polo, etc. Last week, sick of an ever bulging wardrobe, I cleared out years of work wear that used to symbolize my existence in the corporate world. I’m happy they have now found a more deserving home.

For three years now, I’ve gone completely casual with Levi’s, Guess, French Connection and Esprit. And of course, I think it’s hard to find someone who do not have more than a handful of super casuals by Giordano and  Bossini. What can I say, old habits die hard … we just shift tastes. Oh btw, I’m not wealthy, I just have misplaced priorities like many of us who live on ths planet called earth, just a little less guilty than many I know.


Chocolate lovers in Brunei and around the world, listen up! If you have not yet heard about or discovered these delightful Empire Chocolates, get over to the hotel lobby and check out the assortment of exquisitely packaged gift boxes. I picked up the 49-piece box and the 11.5″x 11.5″ makes a great collectible long after the chocolates are gone.

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