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Completing Two Loops of Bukit Shahbandar 14 Hills with 1,041m in Elevation Gain

The idea of completing two loops of Bukit Shahbandar ’14 Hills’ had crossed my mind more than once previously but it was only recently I decided to actually do it — together with two other runners, one of whom my #TMBT2016 50K buddy. Rather impromptuly, I initiated the idea and there was no objection and that’s how we rolled, began the first loop in the usual anticlockwise direction and proceeded with the second loop with the more challenging clockwise direction where the route is more climb oriented. This activity on Strava.

Download Bukit Shahbandar Trail Map | See also: Aerial View of Bukit Shahbandar

Two loops beginning with anticlockwise direction followed by clockwise resulted in a mirrored elevation profile of each loop. The clockwise direction is tougher simply because there are more knee and lung busting ascents to sustain before you see the flats and descents.

Some four and a half hours later, we got back to civilization, changed out of our sweat soaked gear and fulfilled a post-workout mandate: cold serving of refreshing fresh coconut water. Briefly rested somewhat we grabbed lunch at a nearby Thai Restaurant, MOD, which happens to be also our go-to place for ice cold Lime Frappe along with favourite Ginger Chicken rice.

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