Brunei Darussalam

Three Shades of Tan

Three shades of tan from three separate runs while training for The Most Beautiful Thing 50K Ultra Trail Marathon the darkest of which a result of 8 hours under open sky covering a 40K distance between Agro Park and Bukit Shahbandar.

Not one to fancy reading manuals more than a few times, I hadn't realized you could get Elevation Gain numbers real time until many moons later when I discovered it by accident — Garmin calls it Total Ascent — when we were attempting 4 loops of KM4's 5km route. Discovering this earlier would have been a massive help when I was designing Sungai Liang's road and trail 21K and 30K training course for max elevation gain. I thought EG was only calculated after completion of activity). All's not lost and thankfully Garmin Fenix 3 lets you change Data Fields while logging an activity. Pictured here my last heat, weight and endurance training covering a 40K distance with an elevation gain of 1,216m. The route: Agro-McFarm-Shahbandar return x 2 loops at 10K each way. #brunei #garmin #trailrunning #runninggear #fitness #fenix3hr #gps #elevation #elevationgain #hike #runwithfight #omnifreeze #columbia #training #tmbt2016

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