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Escape Room Miri: The Real-Life Puzzle Game

If you have recently visited or shopped at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall in Miri, you might have noticed that intriguing black and yellow building right across the road — the one that I that I mistook for Caterpillar’s office. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Escape Room . Lot 15, Jalan Merpati . Miri . Sarawak 98000 . Malaysia

As it turned out, that’s an international entertainment franchise ESCAPE ROOM that has opened in Miri. Cyril’s blog and his captivating images offer a peep inside Sarawak’s newest and unique attraction. Are you ready to level up?

Excellent coverage, Cyril! 🙂


One of the popular activities that is catching up in Miri is the real-life escape rooms.  There are already some misconceptions associated to these escape rooms that has hindered many to experience what could be a fun-filled time for them.   Some of these common misconceptions includes “Eee.. don’t want.. I’m scared”, or “Aiyaaaa… only for kids la”, or “Safe or not oh?”.

Generally, the escape room is all about teamwork and working together to solve puzzles that comes in many forms (number locks, key locks, jigsaws, deciphering codes, and many more).  As you progress, solving one of the puzzle will bring you to many other puzzles, essentially bringing you to the last puzzles which will lead to your final escape from the room.  Sounds fun and easy?  To add to the already challenging puzzles, you are given a 45 minute time limit…

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