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Donated Proceed from Sale of Turtle Photo to Nepal Earthquake Relief

A visitor in the US came across my blog while browsing the web for a turtle photo she wanted for her bathroom wall. In her email, she saw this image and asked if I had others similar to that one she could look at. I promptly recommended my favourite piece from this blog post and it didn’t take long for Bernadette to confirm her order and in time made payment via PayPal.

I am looking for a picture of a turtle with bubbles, or happy in water (esp. getting clean, etc) as I have one amazing one near my kitchen sink and I would love to find one for my bathroom!” — Bernadette, USA.

While having my first shot of espresso of the day and checking my emails, an email from the World Food Programme immediately stood out, requesting donation to help victims of the Nepal earthquake, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of duty to give. Growing up in Kuala Belait and more so in Seria where the Gurkhas serving with the British Garrison have lived among us for decades, I have had the occasional and memorable interaction with the Nepalese community, even sharing lunch with them, during a day-long photoshoot at the Hornbill School. And, who can forget their participation and support during this world record attemptBritish Garrison Open Day, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla visit, the list goes on.

Seeing PayPal’s logo on World Food Programme web page I decided there wasn’t a better time than now to put that payment from Bernadette to good use. If you too want to make a donation, click on the image below.


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