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Landscape Photography: Canon EOS 5D Mark III In-Camera Double Exposure

The kids are on their school holiday and the rainy season of December has brought much rain to many parts of the Belait district. To my delight, I had waited since August for this otherwise semi parched lake to be filled up again. Tipped by recent pictures of Luagan Lalak on Facebook I made an impromptu trip (Facebook link) there with Jamie and Jewel. After I was done photographing multiple shots of the panoramic view across the lake, we headed to one of the huts for a short rest. There, I was going through the camera menu and happened to stop on the Multiple Exposure and HDR settings page.

I know how multiple exposures are made using Digital Photo Professional but doing the same in-camera I thought would be tricky in that you would have to visualize the results before taking the shots. There wasn’t a better time to experiment so off I went with two frames, one to the left of the lake zoomed to fill the whole frame and the other a wide perspective of the landscape. The resulting composite is the image below straight out of the camera (with a few localized tweaks in Photoshop).

click on image below to see a larger version

2 thoughts on “Landscape Photography: Canon EOS 5D Mark III In-Camera Double Exposure

  1. I really miss the days of hoping for a great multiple exposure when shooting in camera. It added to the mystique and adventure of photography. While on the nostalgia vibe… I also really miss shooting with infrared film. Especially nature shots. The loading of the camera in complete darkness, the use of the proper red filter and trying to shoot with the sun at a perfect 90 degree angle really made shooting magical. Have you always shot digitally? Great shots!

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    1. Hi James,

      I picked up photography just a short 10 years ago. The only film camera I ever shot were either a Yashica or a Pentax compact. I was never interested in photography — the camera was something that followed me on trips abroad or used during birthday celebrations. My dad on the other hand had extensive film and dark room experience but I inherited none of that experience as I was very little at the time. A decade or two went by before my time came to pick up my first DSLR body — the Canon EOS 300D. I’m sure you remember how sales of the ‘Digital Rebel’ exploded and the world entered the great megapixel race 🙂

      So yeah, I’ve always shot digitally — journey has been one learning curve after another. It wasn’t until two Christmas ago that I finally had a custom built PC to handle 5D Mark II and III RAW files. For many years, I processed commercial shoots using a Dell Studio 17-inch laptop, looking back I wondered how on earth I put up with such under powered computer for so long.


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