Brunei Darussalam

My Favourite Food for Speed Hiking the Shahbandar Hills

Nothing energizes like the morning sun, and nothing is more satisfying a workout than hiking the “9 hills” trail at Bukit Shahbandar. The time it takes to complete the course is anywhere between 41 minutes (my current best time) to 2 hours when I prefer to take things real slow — logic dictates that longer hikes burn more calories, great for days when torching fat is on the plate.


To get me through the hills: high protein from greens, eggs and fish including a shot of black CBTL espresso without cream, milk or sugar. For fluids while hiking I normally carry a litre of Scivation Xtend or GNC Accelerade.

I don’t always have smoked salmon in the fridge but when I do this is how I have them along with the greens.
Broccoli flowerets, hard boiled eggs and tukey cold cuts with tomato and oyster dressing.
I take my coffee black with no creamer, milk or sugar conveniently dispensed using my Caffitaly machine.

Be real. Let me know what you think ...

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