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Aerial View of My Favourite Hiking Trails at Bukit Shahbandar

Drone photography is all the rage these days and I can see the addition of a quadcopter to my inventory, when owning one becomes more affordable. Until then I’ll reminisce the aerial photographs I took on-board a Bell 212 helicopter during an assignment some years back. Instead of being strapped comfortably to the seats, I decided to make full use of my limited time in the air and took lots of terrain photographs. Looking through my archives a few days ago, I was extremely delighted to find one of Bukit Shahbandar where my wife and I go hiking. What began as a means to train for my Mount Kinabalu climb a month from today has escalated to what some friends describe as obsession with the hills.

Click on image to view larger version

Here’s a more recent photo and my current favourite (captured on Samsung Galaxy S3)  that gives you an idea of the trail we’re dealing with on a good day. On a stormy day it’s a whole different story and we’ve hiked in both extremes. Oh man, just looking at these pictures is enough to work up an itch to head out there.

Hiking Bukit Shahbandar: 9 Hills | 14 Hills


5 thoughts on “Aerial View of My Favourite Hiking Trails at Bukit Shahbandar

  1. Great capture Jan! This aerial photography is amazing especially when you choose to capture it in oblique angle which emphasize the terrain of the mountain. It’s good to know that you still create aerial photographs using your Samsung Galaxy S3. Entrusting your gadget with your drones is pretty sure safe as long as you control your drone properly and also having a good quality of drone to prevent errors that lead to damage. Great work Jan! Keep it up.



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