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Stop Facebook from Flooding Your Google Calendar with Birthday Notifications

If you use Google Calendar on your Android smartphone like I do on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been victim to Facebook making a mess of your Calendar more than once, here’s a fix. Buried in the depths of obscurity is a Facebook Birthday notification feature that is the root cause of randomly corrupting my Calendar. Before this solution I have had to uninstall/reinstall Facebook app — it had happened numerous times since I got the phone. At the same time I have Google Calendar and Facebook app installed on the iPad 2 and have never seen this happen so I got curious and began comparing setting after setting until I came across the Mobile Push setting.


A common reaction to this problem is to disable Facebook Sync — this does not work!


What finally worked — uncheck Birthday Reminder option that’s buried under several menu settingsFacebook-Android-1

Go to Account Settings



While I was here earlier, I also unchecked Gifts, Activity You’ve Missed and Application Invites .

8 thoughts on “Stop Facebook from Flooding Your Google Calendar with Birthday Notifications

  1. Alternatively, you can just go to the S Planner (for Samsung devices), click on menu soft key, choose Calendars -> Display and uncheck those that you dont want to see. Give it a try 🙂

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    1. Hi Ari, tried the above before your post.Didnt work. Tried what you said. Didn’t work. Then unticked “facebook” and both birthday alerts. FINALLY WORKED. WASTED OVER AN HOUR TRYING TO FIND THIS. BLOODY ANNOYING FOR EVERYONE.
      So what you said above + add cancel facebook.

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