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Food Photography Using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

I think I’m genetically predisposed to high cholesterol. No matter how much much effort I put into working out and eating right (friends and family know my dedication to eating right) and I have a very active lifestyle — when I’m not smashing my opponents at badminton, I’m out hiking at Bukit Shahbandar or running in the Sungai Liang forest. As a result of this ‘curse’, seafood indulgence is far and few in between. So last night, after umm I can’t even recall how long ago that I last had seafood, my cousin and I rekindled our seafood night at New Tanjung Seafood across the border.

Our collective leftovers restyled on a white plate for this art shot, wiping the plate clean to minimize post processing effort. Photographic rules don’t change just because you’re using a smartphone — light is the single most important ingredient to image quality.

On trips like this, photography is usually the very last thing on my mind but last night was an exception. We ordered 2 kilos of salted egg crab and the original idea was that we would ‘tapao’ what we couldn’t finish, have it chilled to eat the next day. One bite after another, this is all that remained. And instead of leaving a mess like we usually do, i decided to turn our collective crab rubble into an art piece. Long story short, we had 4 Samsung galaxy smartphones, 3 S3 and 1 S4 to be exact except only 3 were used — two to provide even lighting and one to capture the picture as you see above, an example adequately illustrated below back in 2011 when cousin Daniel and his wife were still iPhone users.

This 2011 photo was how we lit 2 kilos of crab except we used lights from two Samsung Galaxy smartphones to make sure lighting was even all round.

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