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Golden Coffee’s Delectable Dishes Before My Bukit Shahbandar Hike

I had made plans with Eric and Thanis to have a quick lunch at Thien Thien before my Funshabu-Shi menu shoot in the afternoon. Last minute change of plans had us eating at Thanis’ regular haunt, Golden Coffee, so Eric and I agreed to meet there instead, breaking away from our rendezvous point for the first time in my history of lunching at Thien Thien in recent memory.

Golden Coffee’s extremely popular homemade spring roll. You’ll see this on many patron’s table until they run out.

Long story short, I’ve been back there twice, second time for a dish that Thanis ordered just a week earlier which I really wanted — beef kolomee with one half-boiled egg (I’ll have two eggs the next time I stop by for a meal). The general parking problem that plagues Bandar Seri Begawan can largely be avoided if I eat earlier than most people especially places with free but limited parking spaces.

Delicious beef noodles mixed with optional order ofone soft boiled egg. I ordered an hour before heading off to Bukit Shahbandar for a 9 Hills hike. More about the hike here

Both images captured using Samsung Galaxy S3

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