Brunei Darussalam

The Smartphone Camera Is King

Recently a group of friends got together to hike the scenic Shahbandar hills as part of our training to ready ourselves for the big climb — Mount Kinabalu. After an exhausting 1 hour 46 minutes hike not to mention also a rather intense one, we stopped by a nearby drinks hut for chilled coconut water like we always do so deservingly. Some of us began taking pictures on their smartphones — we’re creatures of often useful but annoying habits. In the pictures below, my good friend Cyril took a shot of me taking a shot of my subjects Wendy and Thanis taking a shot of themselves on her Samsung Galaxy S2

The kicker: The main scene was captured using my Samsung Galaxy S3 while Cyril got us all us all using his Canon EOS 5D Mark III and an ultra-wide lens. There’s no denying that smartphone cameras are indeed king considering its convenience and camera technology that’s getting progressively better, rivaling that of digital compact’s image quality.

More pictures from our Sept 13 hike and my earlier check-in on September 6

I am a professional photographer and I’m happy to leave my Canon EOS bodies at home when I’m not on commercial assignments. I’m big on small cameras — PowerShot G11, Galaxy S3. 

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