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A Gift from SunriseClick: An Awesome Yonex Voltric Z-Force Badminton Racquet

I’m the happiest guy alive, so I should be being the proud recipient of a very powerful Yonex Voltric Z-Force badminton racquet. Following this earlier post I received  the highly anticipated package from SunriseClick on August 31, 2013. For a very long time the Yonex Ti 7 has been my primary and faithful racquet  at my weekly singles and doubles game — with plenty of battle scars to show for it too. Having spent the last two weeks acclimatizing to the Z-Force, and getting fantastic results from it enough to relegate the Ti 7 to backup duties. When I am not taking pictures for a living, I’m working out my camera arm with one of the most potent badminton racquets on the planet. #DominateTheGame

The perks of dominating the game. We’re glad you’re loving the Voltric Z-Force, Jan! ” ~ SunriseClick

The Sunrise holographic sticker indicates a product is genuine.
The Voltric Z-Force unboxed. Racket arrived pre-strung with BG65 strings. I had it replaced with high repulsion 0.65mm BG66 Ultimax strung to 22/23 lbs.
“Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling for the first time, VOLTRIC is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance. VOLTRIC’s exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.”
“Stiffer frame with head-heavy balance for an exceptionally powerful swing.”
“NANOPREME™ is a new level in ‘Nano-technology’, operating on a scale of less than one billionth of a metre by using an epoxy resin to bind graphite fibres together. NANOPREME™ overcomes the limited qualities of carbon technology to provide stiffness, high resilience and high repulsion from a single racquet material for the very first time.”
I was offered a choice of racquet weights and grip sizes to choose from and I chose the lightest one (4U) with the smallest grip (G5) — perfect combination for my style of play.
Racquet getting strung with high repulsion 0.65mm Yonex BG66 Ultimax strings

All images captured using Canon Powershot G11 © Jan Shim Photography

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