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In Front of the Camera

Update (24-08-2013): Delighted to announce that SunriseClick liked my photo submission so much they’re sending me Yonex’s most incredible weapon — the Voltric Z-Force, a racket current BWF world number one (22-08-13) singles player Dato Lee Chong Wei uses to dominate his game! I find it interestingly coincident that the black/lime green colour scheme matches my black/lime green Yonex top very well — the folks at Sunrise has great taste 🙂


As a professional photographer I’m completely at ease behind the camera, as do most of my peers as far as I know. On occasions when the roles reverse I can get pretty uncomfortable posing to have pictures taken. That’s probably why you don’t see great many ‘selfies’ from me or even pictures with my wife (the irony of my chosen profession). This recent couple photo is quite rare, taken at the spur of the moment just before my wife left for an overseas trip.

On the day my associate and I got together over a long festive holiday weekend, we dragged bags of camera gear which included some light stands, half a dozen Canon Speedlites along with off-camera triggers and so forth. I brought my share of equipment but they ended up staying in the bag since my colleagues Cyril and Gavin were doing a fine job of making me model for one jump shot after another … had a really good workout. This is one time I actually didn’t mind performing in front of the camera — doing what I love most —badminton. This photo is featured on SunriseClick Facebook Page.

About the only time I’m completely at ease in front of the camera modeling for this jump shot.

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