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Photographing My Daughter in Athletics

Ever since my daughter Jewel started running in school events slightly over a year ago, I have always made sure to be there for her not just for support but more importantly, I’m the guy who always had her spare inhaler in my pocket. Even as she packs one in her bag, I would still carry a spare in my pocket, for good reason. In the unlikely event of breathing difficulties, I would be her closest access to the device as I stood on the synthetic track, photographing her run. These images are from the July 7th 2013 Sukan Kebangsaan Brunei Darussalam meet at Belapan Sports Complex.

All dressed, packed and ready to hit the road — an hour’s drive to Belapan Sports Complex in BSB.
Quick S3 snap with Jewel after her 400m finals in the morning. Also on Facebook.

It is at events like this that my EOS 5D Mark III gets pushed to its limits — 6 fps, 41 cross-type AF sensors and everything else that matter. On the track, lens choice is pretty much the EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS. This lens has been with me for 8 years or so and it still every bit as heavy as the day I started using it.

Runners gather for registration before their event. Here, Jewel acknowledges name call by race official for 4 x 400m event.


Jewel putting on her spikes for 400m run against 2012 Olympian Maziah for the second time along with other more seasoned, nimble runners several years her senior.
Setting up the starting block.
Warm up take offs — Maziah, Jewel (R)




Pictures with fellow sprinters after 400m event …


Jewel first ran against her at the 22nd Panaga Highland Games 2013 and finished with a silver medal. The day — June 22, 2013 — also marked Jewel’s one year anniversary of track training with the Belait Athletics Team.


Jewel and her team mates representing the Belait Athletics team finished third in the 4x400m Women’s Relay adding another medal tally to her growing collection of athletic achievements.

Jewel finishes 22nd Panaga Highland Games with a 400m Silver medal



Click on image to see large version (approximately 1MB)

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