Wireless Scanning and Printing Using Canon Pixma MG6370 All-in-One Printer

Have you ever wanted to scan a document be it a photograph or a page off a magazine and have it transferred to your  iPad immediately (or an iPhone if you prefer working with small devices)? No? Well, neither have I — at least not something that I have a need for very much. If on the other hand you had wanted to print from your iOS device you can with one of a number of Canon’s wireless AirPrint compatible photo printers. I recently upgraded from the already amazing photo lab quality PIXMA iP6700D to a PIXMA MG6370 you see here.


I installed Canon’s mobile printing app on my second generation iPad and wireless AirPrint communication is established within seconds. Because I work with very large image files, I have the printer connected to my desktop PC (or laptop) via USB for speedy transfers and leave wireless turned on for the two iPads in the house. The upside of this is that either my family can now easily scan documents when I (their go-to tech guy at home) am not around. Never thought wireless scanning can be this cool.


The above image from Photographing Muffins & Co at The Souq

9 thoughts on “Wireless Scanning and Printing Using Canon Pixma MG6370 All-in-One Printer”

    1. As long as wireless connectivity is established between the two devices, you can print from any iOS app that supports printing as this is AirPrint-compatible. Canon has an app for the following platforms: iOS, Android and Windows RT. I have neither installed nor tried printing from my Samsung S3 smartphone.


      1. Well yes it may be able to print almost anything on iOS… But its still unclear if its the same for Android.. Because the app provided is for photo-printing only. I hope you can try printing documents on an Android device if there is any other way 🙂 Thanks


  1. The app – iepp – is currently not made available, if one is using a Brunei based app store. That’s a disadvantage.


    1. Oh what a shame! Never occurred to me regional restrictions would be imposed on a printer app. I’ll check with Interhouse Co. to see if they can do something about it.


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