Brunei Darussalam

Enchanted Sungai Liang Forest

On days when I am not sweating buckets at badminton, I’m doing the same here inside the humid Sungai Liang forest reserve, though not nearly as much. The club where I play is a 10 minutes drive while the green outdoors sets me back 20-25 minutes depending on traffic — I once considered driving half an hour to spend another half an hour in the forest a silly thing to do. This photo, captured with the Galaxy S3, is the beginning of a rather steep climb that pumps the heart good by the time you get up there. Make this spot the beginning of the trek and the journey gets easier as you finish on concrete steps rather than the other way round.


6 thoughts on “Enchanted Sungai Liang Forest

  1. To be a photographer one should be able to see the “composition” hidden in what is generally visible. And for that you need an eye for detail and it goes without saying that YOU have that !

    Great picture. It inspires me !!


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