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Windows File System Memory Cache Size Tweak Crashes Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

While messing with a Windows 7 tweak a few days ago, I came across one on the web that I hadn’t tried before. It looked promising and I was convinced that increasing FileSystem Memory Cache Size to twice its default value would make a difference. This tweak, in theory, speeds up file operations in situations where there’s an increased amount of read write operations. After a reboot, the OS seemed a tad more responsive so I concluded the tweak was justifiably applied.

Everything was OK until last night when I needed to batch convert over a hundred Canon RAW files to JPEG and DPP kept shutting down the laptop after about 10 to 20 conversions. This symptom remained persistent until I restored the default value to 1. For what it’s worth, it was educational and I will most certainly attempt this when I get a new 64-bit system with a ton of RAM to play with.

My Dell Studio 1735 laptop specs: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bits, 4GB RAM with 3.5GB usable.

2 thoughts on “Windows File System Memory Cache Size Tweak Crashes Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

  1. ~ Hello Jan .. My system is a desk top AMD Phenom 2 Quad core, and it cannot cope with handling more than one image at a time, from my Canon 5D3 RAW files when using CS5 or CS6. I was able to upgrade to 8 Gb RAM (maximum) and I have fitted a Vertex 2.5″ SSD solid state HDD to house all my programs. This is massively faster than a normal 7,200 rpm normal HDD. As part of my upgrade I’ve gone 64 bit and installed a 3Tb internal HDD also. The access speeds and handling capabilities of this system (installed by a genius friend) are amazing. 4Gb of RAM just can’t cope with large image files anymore .. Just my personal view of course .. The boot up and speed of my upgrade has to be seen to be believed ..


    1. So happens I’m in the market for a new PC and instead of getting another Dell upgrade, I’m looking around for someone who can build me a very fast Windows 7 64-bit system. Trouble is, I don’t use Photoshop and it hasn’t been easy looking for another photographer who also uses Corel Paintshop Pro X3. Writing to Corel has been no help. In the absence of any useful info, I’m just going to get fast components where they matter. I work with EOS 5D Mark II JPEG and RAW images, more JPEG than RAW and I need enough power to chew through these large files.


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