Lighting Elizabeth Hotel’s Crown Suite with a Lightsphere

Earlier this year, May 26 to be exact, I was in Singapore for a Far East Hospitality hotel and serviced residences photography assignment. Before the shoot commenced we recced several hotels to have a feel of what we’d be taking pictures of. One of the stopovers was The Elizabeth Hotel, the one right next door to Quincy. Though not in the of rooms to shoot, we dropped by the renovated Suite for a look-see. Some of you may remember this Facebook post I improvised lighting by clipping my Phottix Odin-Speedlite-580EX-Lightsphere ensemble on the door handle for the end result you see below.

A Gary Fong Lightsphere is an indispensable light modifier I swear by when you have neither the time nor lights to get the desired result. Flash is triggered wirelessly using Phottix Odin system and the factory supplied Speedlite hot shoe adapter allowed me to mount the set up on the door handle.
Metered for available light to ensure details outside the balcony are maintained and in doing drastically reduced available light in the bedroom.

I wrote that Crown Suite wasn’t part of my shoot for reason that the hotel had previous photographed the room for their image library (see Suite at bottom of page while the images of the other rooms are my deliverables).

6 thoughts on “Lighting Elizabeth Hotel’s Crown Suite with a Lightsphere

        1. Only Nikon ships Speedlights with a diffuser cap. In the early days, Canon Speedlite owners would buy a StoFen diffuser. I suspect using one in place of the Lightsphere like I did above, you might get a bright spot on the ceiling – I have used a StoFen before and found that its use is quite limited.


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