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Peek-a-Boo Turtle

Goes without saying that our pet terrapin spends more time in the tank than out of it — we take him out and let him roam around the living room, sometimes my studio, where he adventure begins. He’s so good at hiding that sometimes it takes us a while before we figure out where he is at. Finding his whereabouts can at times be an adventure itself when we take our eyes off him for a minute. Shame the other turtle died last year or we would have twice the fun.

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One of my favourite peek-a-boo moments from 2011 back when he had a companion sharing the same tank.
When you bring dark reflective object near an animal they often find it daunting that they shy away. I took this photo using the EF 100mm Macro just inches away and surprisingly he didn’t budge or even blinked. A year ago, this moment might have been challenging to capture.

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