Download the Missing Photo Editor on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is supposed to ship bundled with a default photo editor app called Photo Editor but for reason it’s omitted from shipments bound for Brunei and some parts of the world. I’ve had the phone for over a month and since then trialed about half a dozen similar free apps on Google Play. Among those I consider worth keeping are AfterFocus and Aviary Photo Editor while most others are just too Instagram-ish for my liking. While I do use Instagram occasionally I don’t use any of its filters. The photo editing tools I require are what every seasoned photographer know as basic exposure control tools and I’m glad I found Samsung’s own photo editing app to fulfill my needs. Best part is its Gallery integration for easy and convenient editing.

Note: You may have noticed much to my own dismay that the Edit shortcut has disappeared after updating to Android 4.x. Good news is the photo editor still works as a standalone app  :wink:

If this app is missing on your Samsung Galaxy S3 download here.
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Once the Photo Editor app installed, it becomes an integrated part of the Gallery where you can now use the Edit function to conveniently process your photos.

The beauty of the Android operating system is you can opt to download OTA or on a Windows PC then drag the file over to the external micro SD card. Touch to install and life’s good. Once you’re done editing, Save the image and you’ll get a menu that lets you do a number of things including social media sharing.

A sample photo of Fratini Restaurant’s delicious Caesar salad captured using the S III.

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63 thoughts on “Download the Missing Photo Editor on Your Samsung Galaxy S III

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  2. Okay, that’s it. You’ve got me hooked. :-) I stopped by to read your USB tethering post, and I’ve stuck around to read much more. I enjoy your style! I’m inspired to begin dabbling once again in photography.

    I’m a very recent S3 owner and part of my buying decision was based on reviews of its camera capabilities. This app is just the ticket to help me dig a little deeper. It also was not automatically included on my U.S. Verizon-provided phone, but I found it in the Google Play store. Like you I’ve been disappointed with other photo editing apps. I couldn’t quite believe that was all there is. This one is simple and has just the features I was looking for.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to share your insights and experiences.


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  4. Thank you so much for providing this app. I was very disappointed when I realize there was no editing on my phone now I love my phone to pieces.


  5. This is the app i am looking for i am new with my GS3 i have downloaded the file but its not opening i have the international version could you shed some light on this .

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    • It hadn’t occurred to me at the time to include installation instruction. Installation is pretty straightforward – copy the downloaded file onto the external Micro SD card if you have downloaded it on your Windows PC or locate the downloaded .apk file using My Files app. Let me know if this works for you.

      p.s. Just to be sure, I downloaded the file and was able to complete installation. I too am using an international version SGS3.


  6. Thanks so much. I didn’t even know there’s such program. The first thing i did when I got my S3 was to remove most of the bloat, which include most of the Samsung stuff.


    • I’ve done the same – Where there’s an Uninstall option I would use that. Where there was no Uninstall but in its place option to Disable, I would use that. I couldn’t believe Samsung had such an incredibly useful photo editor that wasn’t installed as standard in all regions.


  7. Downloaded. Getting a warning message telling me not to install anything that wasn’t downloaded from google play store. Is this a safe install?


    • Hi Chris, you’re the first to ask this here. Can’t really give you a definite answer but I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work considering the app is code compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. If you do get it to work, please post back your finding. Thanks.


  8. Hey Shim! Guess what ?! After the update a few days ago, the Photo Editor no longer appears or can syn with the Gallery! It’s so frustrating as I’ve only used this editor as its the best. Now you can only edit from within the editor which is frustrating as you can’t see which to select if you took a lot of shots and have to keep going back. Frustrating


        • Oh no! I know how frustrating this can be. I just got back from a holiday in Singapore and for the first time I shot the entire 5-day family vacation on the S3 with only a handful on the PowerShot G11. The colours on the S3 are nicer and the speed is a lot quicker too. Without the integrated editor I think I wouldn’t post FB updates nearly as much if I had to toggle between the Gallery and an external editor back and forth furiously. I hope you figure out a fix soon.


          • I have a lot of editors but after I got the S3 and discovered the Samsung Photo Editor and how well it syncs with their gallery, I stop using Fish Bowl Gallery and the other editing apps. My scroll down menu in the Gallery has every single one of my 30 photo editing and other apps….just not the Samsung Photo app- after the latest update on 10 December. You can now only edit direct from the app itself; which is frustrating as you can’t view the pictures clearly and have to keep going back and forth. I am so gonna complain to Samsung!

            I am impressed…..and yea I understand. Even I prefer to shoot with the S3…faster, richer colours and trouble and controls free!


          • Belinda, In January My S3 got push updated to firmware version 4.1.2. This release introduced Multi Window capability and with it also came new photo app called Paper Artist. What I hadn’t noticed was that the context menu where you would find ‘EDIT’ got buried into the second page below ie you need to scroll down before this becomes apparent. I thought this update had broke the Photo Editor integration but all it did was add too many command shortcuts to the menu that push it down. I wonder if this is what happened to you too? I don’t like how invoking Edit now I have to pick Photo Editor or Paper Artist and cannot choose a default. Disabling Paper Artist doesn’t help.


  9. HELLO can anyone help I have an S3 mini and recently done 3 things on the phone and i am unsure which one caused the problem that resulted in my phone changing and me receiving a replacement handset.

    I created a samsung account for samsung apps
    I dowloaded photo editor
    I took a samsung update via kies

    I notced that after this when i selected predictive text and clicked on the predictive text area my option to add my own words etc were gone and replaced with personalised services.

    Linked to swiftkey and it asks if you want to link with twitter / facebook or g mail to learn your writing style. I used the my words option a lot however I have been told that the phone would need to go to a Samsung engineer to re flash it back for this to happen.

    I want to use photo editor however i am scared to sign in to samsung apps with my new phone just in case it does this again

    When you go to samsung apps it mentions personalised services. does anyone know if this will change my phone?

    I have disabled automatic updates so that the update does not change the phone settings any ideas thanks


    • Sorry no one has posted anything useful with regards to the issues you encountered. I have personally not experienced it and cannot offer any tip. However the Photo Editor app is a native .apk file and once downloaded to the phone it should begin to install without requiring any third party authorization. It is when you want to share the edited image on social media network that requires authentication with FB, Twitter and so forth, if you haven’t already done that.


    • Did you download the file using your phone or a computer? The file is in a non-zipped native .APK format so the phone shouldn’t automatically recognize and install it for you. If PC copy the file to your phone’s (doesn’t really matter internal or external SD card).


  10. Just installed it. Looked everywhere! Installed samsung apps and it didn’t sync through completely. I copied your file to my sd card and voila! So easy to install. Ran into a message saying I have set the phone to decline any installations not from google play store. Just unchecked the box and easy peasy. I haven’t played with it yet, but I will be soon when I get home! THanks!!


  11. the “decoration” stickers are not working. Has anyone ran into this problem? Everything else works fine. When I go to choose a sticker, it shuts down.


  12. Hi, I can no longer use the editor in the gallery. Before it use to ask me what editor I wanted to use, now it locks up and it use to reboot the entire phone, now it just tells me there was an error. I can use the editor on it’s own, but I like to edit right after taking a photo or inside the gallery. How would I remove it and re-install it? I have galaxy 3, JB 4.1.2 TMobile. My daughter has the same phone w TMobile and in the setting she has her gmail and samsung account. Mine only has my gmail account. I’ve tried to reinstall it without removing it first and it won’t reinstall. I don’t want to mess anything up. I did root my phone, but since the WIFI Hotspot/tether won’t work, I used an app to unroot the phone to get OTA updates and to see if this fixed the gallery. So far no luck. Any ideas for me? Thanks so much!!! :)


    • Sounds like you have far bigger problems then a corrupt Photo Editor. All of our S3 phones are international models so they don’t contain carrier bloat. I’m sorry you’re not getting the best out of phone and I don’t know how to help you — my phone isn’t rooted either.


  13. Do u have the link to photo editor for the Samsung galaxy s 2 I did a replacement & the phone they sent me does not have the the app I tried downloading the one u have up there but it says it can’t open the file thanks


  14. hello I bought galaxy s3 mini there is this problem on my phone please insert this photo editor for galaxy s3 *mini*
    I live in iran so i can’t speak and write english well sorry if I han some mistakes


  15. thank you it loaded but doesn’t do what I need it too. I just wanted to be able to use spot heal since it’s the number one reason I edit.


    • The Samsung Photo Editor is a basic editor that worked for me before I decided I’m never posting pictures straight from the phone again. I have this monster setup at home and the phone’s tiny screen is a huge compromise when it comes to critical viewing. Good luck in finding the app you want :)


      • Do you know of any other editor that has the same type on spot healing? All the ones I have found only make it look blurry


        • As a matter of fact I do. The most powerful photo editor with spot healing that I’ve used is Nik’s Snapseed. Best part is the app is completely free. I have this installed on my iPad 2 (makes sense to use on devices with bigger display). The link take you to Snapseed on Google Play Store.


  16. Help please…
    I need this apk for my s4mini… i lose it after kitkat maj…
    Yours is working but to wide for my little screen…
    Sorry for my english… im french


  17. Hi,

    Do you know is there a way Samsung S4 can add text (not handwriting) on the image when opened in the default Gallery app?

    Any idea how to update Gallery app?

    In Note3 it can be done with “Signature”, in gallery when viewing an image, go Menu>Signature: Add your personal signature to the photo using text, handwriting, a Gallery image, or a saved signature.

    But S4 do not have the Menu>Signature. I want to write some text on the image.



  18. Thank you very much. I was searching this app for 3 hours. My mobile it’s a s3 Neo and it’s new (Kit Kat 4.4.2) but I can’t open the app when I was in Camera or using files from Camera. I can editing another images, for example from What’sApp. I also tried download from Camera and from Play Store and was impossible to do it and find it.


  19. GREAT!!!!<.. this was the ONLY ONE editor compatible with Samsung gallery direct editing!!!!!!!


    Have nice days friend!!!!


  20. Hum, I found a problem with the software: It´s not fit in My Samsung Duos screen. The software is larger then the LCD resolution of my phone, so it is not possible to reach the editing buttons at the bottom of the screen.

    Cruel world ;-)


  21. Hello, I am beloved of this app, I have a Galaxy Note 2, it’s works pretty, but now I can not download it. Please send me the link for the apk of the Samsung Photo Editor


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