Brunei Darussalam

Published: biG Magazine Festive Flavours of Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2012

I love shooting editorial assignments for Borneo Insider’s Guide magazine (biG) for reasons only the team members and the subjects of focus would understand and appreciate. Back in 2010, we did a piece called Reflections of Aidilfitri and shot the whole set at the Ambassador Suite of the Empire Hotel & Country Club followed by Gong Xi Fa Cai feature the following year. This year, biG magazine features four unique individuals in the humble Abode who share their culinary interpretations of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Also in this issue: Mr Baker’s Bakeshop | Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam
View and download the entire publication in PDF here

biG July – Sept 2012 feature story:  Radisson Hotel’s Executive Chef Cameron Lawless and businesswoman Anyati.

Read more: Cameron Lawless  |  Anyati Abdullah Orcullo

[ Note: The Anyati shoot which couldn’t be rescheduled was carried out by my associate Gavin while I
in Singapore for another commercial photography assignment. ]

biG July – Sept 2012 feature story: Food blogger Mayatul Mohammad and expatriate entrepreneur Tajudeen Odubitan

Read more: Mayatul Mohammad  |  Tajudeen Odubitan

Some behind-the-Scenes Photos from the shoot

Delicious Satay and Ketupat servings in the making as Maya trims off a cucumber insert.

[ visit Diva’s Kitchen blog for more recipe ideas from Maya ]

Wan Zainal (right) Editor of biG magazine helps Maya with the finishing touches on pineapple curd ice cream we weren’t sure if it was going to go soft on us.
Johor laksa with noodles encased in rice paper laid up upon a shallow serving of thick and rich laksa sauce, adorned with condiments and topped with a massive king prawn.

A lighter moment in between scenes (there’s more where this came from).

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