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The Case of the Mysterious Standing Eggs on Duanwu Festival

Finally we did it! After years of missing this attempt at noon on Duanwu Festival aka Dragon Boat aka Dumpling Festival this is the first time we actually remembered and got not one but all three raw eggs to stand. As usual I had the G11 handy to capture this unscientific phenomenon whose legend has survived generations. If you’re skeptical and try to see if props had been used to make the eggs stand, don’t bother — these photos are as raw as the eggs themselves. We left the eggs to stand at the open patio to fetch the kids from school, the entire time uncertain if the breeze would push them over. When we returned, Jamie and Jewel were surprised to see all three still standing.

Dumpling Festival a much celebrated festival by the Chinese community in Belait

The very first attempt filled with uncertainty and silliness had it failed to work.
Beginner’s luck? After my wife got the first egg to stand, she went on with a second egg …
… and finally stopping at auspicious number 3 before it was time to pick the kids up from school.

5 thoughts on “The Case of the Mysterious Standing Eggs on Duanwu Festival

    1. That’s probably why it’s recommended to stand them up under the sun – line of sight helps establish better communication (green coat of paint optional) 🙂


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