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Cama Deruta Distinguished Fine Renaissance Ceramic Artwork

While working on new blog post, an incoming email chime briefly interrupted my thought. I switched screens to find an email from Roberta Niccacci, Arts and Crafts Ambassador of the Niccacci family in Deruta, the famous ceramic town in the heart of Italy. After a couple of email exchanges, it became immediately apparent that the one thing we have in common is we both own a copy of the same Starbucks “Passion for Coffee” book, one whose cover photo features the work of her family – fine ceramics renaissance art. My routine Monday afternoon suddenly got a lot more interesting — who would have figured the unassuming cover photo holds so much history!

“I would tell the ceramics works of my family from looking at the artwork (it is like looking at the photo of a relative in the family), indeed in this case I have a copy of the book myself and if you go to page 96, a thank you goes to “Biordi Art Imports” the best retail store we served in San Francisco and in the United States, where the photographer and stylist rented their props back in 1994.

It was a pleasure to exchange messages with you and thank you again for the most beautiful photo of the Starbuck’s book on the internet. This is very exciting!” — Roberta Niccacci

 View original web page at The Friends of CAMA (Cooperative of Artisans of Majolica Art)
The pieces shown on the cover of the Starbucks’ cookbook are in the Antico Deruta pattern by Cama Deruta.

About Roberta Niccacci
Ceramics sales assistant at Cama, her family’s famous workshop in Deruta, Italy from the early age of 8 years old, now looking for a role, work and giving a contribution to the Italian and international ceramics industry. In search of an independent role based on her vast experience in the art of selling beautiful Italian ceramics, inspired by the customers and their feedback, she is experimenting a new way of doing business. Starting now by taking groups to Deruta as a resident expert and with insider access.

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