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Lonnie Jalung First Penan Woman to become University Student

If you have previously bought these sets of Penan greeting cards bearing my birds and landscape photographs, consider this post my way of a Thank You on behalf of the Penan Helping Hands for your enormous contribution. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards along with additional proceeds from sale of the Penan weaved baskets (I use one for my weekly tamu shopping) go to making a difference to not just one girl’s future but also the future of the nomadic tribe she represents. I had the pleasure of meeting Penan girl Lonnie Jalung in person in my hometown at none other than the legendary Soi Heng coffee shop — she had ordered their delicious sambal fried kway teow by the time I got there! This rendezvous was in May 2011, a year earlier before her recent story and interview in the Borneo Bulletin (see excerpt below).

A Panaga Natural History Presentation: Penan — Lost or Found?

My collection of birds and landscape photographs photographed in and around the Belait district.

From Lowest Hill to Big Hearts: A Brunei Times Story | Penan Ear Rings

Presenting Lonnie my business card, shamelessly interrupting her Soi Heng sambal fried kway teow moment.
Lonnie visits Brunei bearing gifts: I’m holding one of a number of best selling Oriental Pied hornbill photos while Lonnie’s holding two Penan authentically weaved bamboo baskets she has brought along as a token of her appreciation. I love these baskets and they’re proudly displayed in my studio as a reminder.
Meet Violette Tan (left) a driving force of the Penan Helping Hands group, my former English and Sec 4 Form teacher at St John’s School once upon a time. This is one of those rare journeys in life where least likely paths actually cross because of photography.

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