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All-day Breakfast at the Kookaburra Restaurant & Gastrobar Singapore

“Premium quality yet affordable pricing” pretty much sums up my take on Kookaburra’s food, service and the bill you have to settle afterwards. For Bruneians who frequently patronize fine dining restaurants such as Fratini, Villa Mauri, you’ll quickly see Kookaburra’s prices are very reasonable by contrast so you’re off to a great start before you even step inside. It’s been more than 3 weeks since I was treated to dinner there, just a week after its official opening, and I find myself craving their delicious culinary crafts.

Kookaburra Restaurant & Gastrobar opens its doors to the public from 16th April 2012. Located at the Albert Court Village Hotel, the highly anticipated sequel to its underground affiliated hangout Late Plate at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House in National University of Singapore brings much cheer as the latest addition to the hotel’s stable of F&B offerings. Strategically located at the junction of Selegie Road and Rochor Canal Road, Kookaburra is well-placed in the multi-cultural enclave known for its artistic and eclectic pursuits.

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Kookaburra Restaurant is located to the left of this facade – hard to miss and once inside, hard to leave your seats.

Draw closer and the appeal of its surrounds in the classical restored pre-war shophouse grows. The purposeful integration of the modern chic and nostalgic heritage is immediately apparent as you walk into the restaurant. Raw-but-warm interiors framed with large clear windows overlooking the colonial courtyard on one side and the busy streets on the other offer a glimpse of life in this artistic and fashion hub.


Executive Chef Roland Graham waves at our host, Yan Leng, General Manager of Albert Court Village Hotel.

Chef Roland explains, “Our philosophy with regard to culinary offerings is simple. We want to allow the freshness and quality of the ingredients to speak for themselves, be it the freshest catch from the sea to prime meat pickings or vegetables in season. Our focus will always be on premium quality yet affordable pricing”.

With permission from Chef Roland, I ventured into the immaculately clean kitchen for this photo opportunity.



Turn to the wine cellar and the excitement grows. With over 300 specially selected labels straddling both old and new world wines, guests will be spoilt for choice when selecting pairing options for the contemporary bush tucker fare. To top it off, Kookaburra’s team of mixologists have put together a themed menu of cocktail creations that gives its own spin to all-time favourites, such as fresh fruit martinis and mojitos. Looking for a beer instead? Take your pick from any imported premium brands and 2 international drafts on tap.


Click on image to see larger version of Kookaburra’s signature dishes.

Kookaburra Restaurant & Gastrobar Food and Drinks Menu April 2012 (PDF)

Uncertain of the correct name, I think it’s the Mezza Plate which comprises a selection of pickled grapes, honey tomatoes, green olives, crumbled Oz Feta etc.
Same dish as the photo immediate above showing a hint of what I think is smoked tuna etc.
It’s unclear if this is thinly sliced bacon or ham as this mystery image on Facebook leaves question unanswered.
My favourite starter: Chef’s Drips – Pickled grapes, served with toasted crisps and cheese gratinated wontons.


The new restaurant has also added a slew of impressive special mains such as Char-grilled Rump Steak, Kurobuta Rendang, Barbequed Kangaroo and Duck Leg & Goose Rillette amongst other rare treats. Each created specifically for the new outlet by resident Executive Chef Roland Graham, the menu at Kookaburra is a showcase of originality and uncompromising taste and quality.

BBQ Kangaroo marinated skewered loin, smoked salt dusted chunky chips, mustard and horseradish BBQ sauce.
Award winning steak cut chips dusted with tabil sauce infused smoked salt, kaffir lime aioli and mustard ketchup.
Seafood pasta served with nuts, greens and garlic bread (not in menu).
Fluffy Pancake Stack caramelized apples, crisp pork belly, swirled cinnamon rhubarb ice-cream.
Kurobuta Rendang – Kurobuta Pork Jowl slowly braised in herbs and spices toasted fresh coconut green bean sambal, sticky rice.
Marshmallow White Chocolate Martini
The Monster Mojito – Light and dark rum, fresh lime, mint, gomme flavoured with choice of watermelon or mixed berries or mango pomelo.

5 thoughts on “All-day Breakfast at the Kookaburra Restaurant & Gastrobar Singapore

    1. Hopefully Chef Roland will reply soon with the correct info. I put a lot of effort in the photography of food I have little time left to take notes of the dishes I shoot. Often rely on the establishment to provide accurate info. This instance, however, wasn’t a standard fare as some of the dishes were spur of the moment surprise.


      1. Sorry for late reply but I have little time to read all the blogs etc…..anyway The Meat in Question is Pancetta from Australia


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