Brunei Darussalam

Behind the Scenes: Photographing a Toyota Camry Ad Campaign

On November 14 2011 I met with the advertising agency team from Singapore to recce suitable location to shoot an ad campaign for NBT Brunei to promote the new Toyota Camry. The recce took us to various places where we could comfortably place 10 service personnel from The Empire Hotel and Country Club during which time we also visited the Emperor’s Suite, a room that instills an eye-opening and mind blowing experience for many stepping inside for the first time. We carried out the shoot the next morning starting with make-up session of all featured service personnel at the Business Centre.

Previous assignment at The Empire’s Ambassador Suite: Reflections of Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Make-up session for all service personnel at the Business Centre.



One of a number of service personnel from Zest Cafe I regularly see from time to time when buying cappuccino take-out.
Executive Sous Chef, Henry Tan, with whom I had worked during the room service food menu shoot.




The roll-out of this campaign was postponed due to shipment delays as a result of the Japan tsunami.

Click on image to view larger version.

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