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Taman Rekreasi Hutan Luagan Lalak Panorama

So this morning, right after breakfast, I had the urge to just go somewhere for a shoot outdoors. I quickly packed my 5D Mark II, EF 100-400mm, EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro including the PowerShot G11. I almost don’t leave home without the G11 nowadays. I say almost because there are days when I left it home by accident, you know, that thing to do with age and memory. Although the EF 100-400mm telephoto lens came in handy for the woodpecker photo I posted a moment earlier, this panoramic view of the Luagan Lalak clearing was captured with the G11 with two separate shots stitched to get this beautiful scenery. I say beautiful because all the right elements are there: nice blue sky, green vegetation, puffy yet dramatic cloud presence none over-exposed, water, reflection all combined to give a scene of tranquility. Hope you enjoy this piece!

click on photo to unfold panoramic view of Taman Rekreasi Hutan Luagan Lalak

Added photo below from our family outing this morning – Sunday 17th June 2012

Fishing at Luagan Lalak a favourite past time with the locals. PHOTO: PowerShot G11

2 thoughts on “Taman Rekreasi Hutan Luagan Lalak Panorama

  1. Nice sweeping panorama. Glad to see the aquatic reeds growing back. It’d take another 2-3 years before they fully recover.

    I hope the authorities won’t “dredge” this wetland pond again.


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