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Hollywood vs Hardwood: Meet a Real Woodpecker in the Labi Rainforest

The Woody Woodpecker is a popular cartoon character that was created long before my kids were born and its success evidently stuck around longer than I cared to follow. I hadn’t realized the Woody Woodpecker character included family members, niece and nephew, Splinter and Knothead respectively, including girlfriend, Winnie Woodpecker. In this day and age of TV entertainment, it’s very easy to lose track between abstract and reality, the bird cartoon and the real bird. I could always rely on Google for pictures of anything when I needed but nothing beats learning in the wild. When I reached one of the shelters at the Luagan Lalak clearing it was so quiet I could hear noises made by insects and birds. The pecking noise made by this woodpecker in the distance (closer to the road) echoed in all direction. The noise continued and got louder as I walked towards my car the whole time I wasn’t entirely sure what the source of the knocking noise was until I finally caught sight of the tiny bird perched up high on a tree (I spotted it with my EF 100-400mm lens).

Click on photo to visit A Day at Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore

Woody Woodpecker's girlfriend Winnie seen here posing with guests at Universal Studios Singapore.

According to a Facebook comment: Steve Martin “Looks fairly similar to the woodpeckers that live in my backyard, although the ones in my neighborhood do indeed have red feathered heads!”

Woodpecker photographed pecking on a tree next to the concrete steps at Luagan Lalak Forestry Park in Labi, Brunei Darussalam. Clearly this woodpecker doesn't have a red crown or yellow beak or pink dress.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood vs Hardwood: Meet a Real Woodpecker in the Labi Rainforest

  1. Well, I read through this entire article even though I thought this was a search result for hardwood flooring. Good read! Woodpeckers are sweet.


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