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Use Text Widgets to Add Social Share Buttons on Your Blog

Ever since these social share buttons made their appearance on this blog a few years ago, I’ve received a dozen or so enquiries on how I got them to work on a hosted blog. I’ve decided that in the interest of those who are interested in setting up something similar on their blog, here are the exact codes I use. There are many websites that let you use their buttons for free so feel free to look around. Please remember that the sidebar width vary depending on blog theme. On mine — Enterprise Theme — I can comfortably fit four buttons with space for another half a button or so. I’m a photographer and I know very little or nothing about codes. If you have questions about customizing your blog, you should consult the CSS Customization Forum. If you happen to use the Enterprise Theme and want yours to look like mine, the full CSS codes I use are discussed here. The only other change I’ve made since then is the way image captions under an image appear.

The actual codes as used in the Text Widget on this blog.

The same codes below just in case you want to paste them into your Text Widget:
<a target=”_new” href=””&gt;
<img alt=”Twitter” src=”; />
<a target=”_new” href=””&gt;
<img alt=”Facebook” src=”; />
<a target=”_new” href=”″&gt;
<img alt=”LinkedIn” src=”; />
<a target=”_new” href=””&gt;
<img alt=”Contact Me” src=”; />
<a href=””><img src=”; width=”156″ height=”26″ alt=”Follow Me on Pinterest” /></a><br><br>

3 thoughts on “Use Text Widgets to Add Social Share Buttons on Your Blog

    1. These codes should work 100% if you copied all of them into your Text Widget. The links to the individual buttons are hosted on It helps to make sure that each of the URLs in the code works when you paste them in your web browser. You may want to start a thread on the WP support forum for help — any one of the excellent volunteers should be able to fix your codes.


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