Brunei Darussalam

Sublime Easter Afternoon at Anduki Jubilee Recreational Park

When I brought the PowerShot G11 along with me today, I had only expected to take pictures of our lunch at our favourite coffee shop in Sungai Liang. Unfortunately the anticipation of what each of us were going to order quickly came to a halt when we noticed the CLOSED sign on their door. We had previously eaten here around the same time but for some reason they closed early today and I don’t believe it had anything to do with the Easter weekend. We had no other choice but to head to the next familiar place in the area — KFC @ SPARK! On our way home, I turned into the Anduki Jubilee Recreation Park to see if there was anything happening at this popular weekend BBQ place. Except for a light drizzle these two elderly folks were undeterred by the overcast weather. I stopped by the side of the road, walked up to a vantage point for this shot.

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Two elderly men enjoying a relaxing afternoon by the pond with their fishing gear at the Anduki Recreational Park in Seria. PHOTO: Canon PowerShot G11

The Anduki park playground where the pond was once a windsurfing hotspot now an eerie calm.

Oblivious of my presence, I inched my way forward to get a closer view and waited for conversation moment.

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