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Pan Fried Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon on Spaghetti Sunday

Mention salmon and usually sashimi springs to mind because when you have access to freshly imported salmon locally that’s the thing to do unless of course you have seafood allergy. I’ve had my fair share of thick chunks of sashimi right at home since 2011 I now prefer to eat them well done. Part of me succumbs to much written fear of gastrointestinal parasites that exist in raw salmon. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to health risks. These days whenever I dine in Excapade Sushi or Kaizen Sushi I would instinctively order one of their cooked salmon dishes as I have done so last night — on Spaghetti Sunday.

Also on Facebook: Pan Fried Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

Sliced a large chunk of a Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon fillet in two halves and marinated them generously with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, parsley and sage leaves and a pinch of salt. PHOTO: Canon PowerShot G11
Spaghetti Bolognaise served with pan fried Tasmanian Atlantic salmon and fragrant Korean vegetable rice sprinkles. PHOTO: Canon PowerShot G11

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