Brunei Darussalam

The All-New 2012 Lexus GS Series Launch in Brunei Darussalam

Lexus Brunei is a client of mine for whom I have had the pleasure of photographing a number of their events and an ad campaign. For this grand event — the official launching of the new 2012 Lexus GS series — I thought I would attend as a guest for a change and enjoy a relaxing night of entertainment. Walking up the steps of the Indera Samudra Grand Hall at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, I was greeted by staff who were initially puzzled to see me without my camera. What they didn’t realize was I had a PowerShot G11 tucked in my back pocket. I knew the event venue would be dimly lit and the G11 is hardly the right equipment to capture anything meaningful if the entire evening’s theme remained dark. As under-spec as the camera may be, I think I captured the essence of the evening rather alright.

You can also view these photos on my Facebook album

Exclusive Lexus gift - a very cool LED pocket lamp designed in the form of a ceiling pendant light - for all invited guests attending the All-new 2012 Lexus GS Series Launch at The Empire Hotel & Country Club last night.




The Lexus GS 350 F Sport gets an approving smile from a guest at the grand event.
A precise eye for detail assures the GS 350 F Sport exudes a sporty, powerful exterior with a commanding road presence. (blurb from brochure)
I understand how an analog clock conveys class and quality but it would take me a tad longer to tell the time just by glancing at the clock that's positioned right in the centre when compared to a digital clock which is a more assuring instant.





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