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Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Does the “Possible Shots” Limit of 1999 Bother You?

Expanding the matter of the Possible Shots counter capping to just “1999” where I wrote in the image caption, “I guess this is a easy firmware fix should Canon decide it’s needed.” a visitor posted the following comment:

“About the image counter, I doubt it can be made to show more than 1999 with a firmware upgrade. The available symbols on the LCD screen cannot change (this is not a dot-matrix screen that could display any symbol made of dots) and it looks like the first of the four digits is too narrow to be able to display anything except “1″. There is just not enough space between the left bracket and the second digit.” — Stefan

The image counter on previous 5D models including the Mark II were limited to just 3 digits. This can be quite annoying when you have a large capacity flash card and all the camera ever shows is 999. On the 5D Mark III this is expanded to four digits. Currently display is limited to a strange 1,999.

Interesting comment I can neither agree not disagree given my limited knowledge of how LCD works. This just piques my curiousity more. It goes without saying that the actual number of possible shots also depends on how much charge the LP-E6 battery has. For the purpose of argument, it is assumed a full charge. The counter limit here is a factory designed limit and why it stops at 1999 is puzzling. It does not actually bother me for now but someday when my CF cards get bigger to the tune of 32GB or 64GB this limit may become a source of annoyance.

Using a SanDisk Extreme 16GB CF Card, I set image resolution to the smallest possible JPEG so the number possible shots would go into several thousands. However the number the camera is able to display is limited to just 1999 as seen in the photo of the 5D Mark III above.

2 thoughts on “Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Does the “Possible Shots” Limit of 1999 Bother You?

  1. One of very few things at which Nikon is better, it’s disgraceful not to allow more numbers here, I have 2x32gb, 1x16gb and 1x8gb cards and I can’t get the 32s to go below 1999 at H2! Canon are clearly saving money by not making the screen an extra 1/16″ larger or moving it around to get a few more rows of dots. Or making it show 3.9k instead of 1999.

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