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Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Improvements That Matter. Or Not.

 There are more than enough reviews of the incredible Canon EOS 5D Mark III on the internet to make your head spin. If you’re new to photography and you’re thinking of picking one up as your first dSLR (because also you can afford one) let me congratulate you on a worthy investment. Having owned and shot with Canon dSLR all of my 8 years as a professional photographer, let me just say the 5D Mark III is the one that finally delivers the performance I have asked, prayed and failing that, begged of Canon in the years I’ve used the EOS 300D, 20D, 1D Mark II, 5D and 5D Mark II.

Mode: A+ refers to Scene Intelligent Auto. This is a fully automatic mode where the camera analyzes the scene and sets the optimum settings automatically. Detecting whether the subject is still or moving, it also adjusts focus automatically. A+ may not mean much to a professional photographer but that lock on top of the dial is as important a feature though a subtle one. The days of the dial skipping a mode or two are over.

Some changes such as the mode lock are subtle while others are huge such as the 61 AF points of which 41 are high precision, highly sensitive points. It’s quite insane — I never thought Canon engineers would put what is essentially the brains and power of the flagship Canon 1DX into the 5D. I thought, instead of the usual reviews of the camera’s awesome high ISO performance, I thought it would be more interesting to show you some of the menu options that feature the new improvements especially meaningful to current owners of the 5D Mark II looking to upgrade. Many thanks to Interhouse Co. for providing this loaner ahead of the official launch in Brunei.

Once considered exclusive to EOS 1 series, dual storage capability is now standard on the 5D Mark III. The last camera I owned with this capability was the EOS 1 Mark II. Click on image to see comments on Facebook.
The image counter on previous 5D models including the Mark II were limited to just 3 digits. This can be quite annoying when you have a large capacity flash card and all the camera ever shows is 999. On the 5D Mark III this is expanded to four digits — much more informative.

The 5D Mark III features 6 Case setting combinations of subject-tracking sensitivity, acceleration/deceleration tracking, and AF point auto switching. Page 85 of the covers these functions in easy to understand description and situations that apply just as I have captioned below.

AI Servo AF Characteristics

For any moving subject.
Tennis players, butterfly swimmers, freestyle skiers, etc.
Starting line of a bicycle race, alpine downhill skiers, etc.
Soccer, motor sports, basketball, etc.
Figure skaters, etc
Rhythm gymnastics, etc.

Selectable AF Point





The 5D Mark III multiple exposure mode explained

More on Multiple Exposures: Multiple-exposure shooting with the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X


“You can take artistic photos having a high dynamic range and preserving detail in highlight and shadow areas. HDR shooting is effective for landscape and still-life shots. With HDR shooting, three images of different exposures (standard exposure, underexposure, and overexposure) are captured for each shot and then merged together automatically. The HDR image is recorded as a JPEG image.” HDR shooting is possible within the range of ISO 100 – 25,600. — Pages 173, 175


5 thoughts on “Canon EOS 5D Mark III: Improvements That Matter. Or Not.

  1. Thanks for this .. have been following the 5D Mk III and the 1Dx … could not believe my eyes when I saw the 1Dx Focus System on the 5D Mk III. Planning to upgrade from my current body (5D Mk II) to the 5D Mk III


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