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A Round Trip on-board the Kaizen Sushi Train

I had this idea that’s floated in my head for several weeks now and it wasn’t until earlier this evening did I get the opportunity to execute it. There are dishes I particularly liked of Excapade Sushi for this project, the focus was “Chefs at work from the perspective of the sushi train” and in Seria, of the two, Kaizen is the only candidate where the chefs take center stage. So I brought the Canon PowerShot G11 along with the intention of it making a video while the sushi train makes a round trip around the kitchen. I also intended for the camera to return to its owner.

Here's a photo of the kitchenette where delicious sushi rolls and drinks are prepared. Also shown is the sushi train that ferries popular sushi dishes around including one item Canon Powershot G11.

No sooner had the G11 returned from its maiden voyage much to the amusement of diners our order came and it was time to enjoy dinner like the way the restaurant would have wanted us to.

Ogonori seaweed: A light and delicate seaweed, ogonori is sold preserved in salt and refrigerated. This seaweed is only ever eaten cold, either as a salad vegetable, or served with sashimi.
One of my wife's favourites: Steamed Salmon Fish Head a delicacy for many. Click on photo to read comments from friends on Facebook who also love this dish.
In an effort to reduce beef consumption, I ordered a grilled salmon zen which comes with fragrant garlic rice, Miso soup, pickles and salad as seen here.

All photographs: Canon PowerShot G11

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